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This article was written in I have had migraines for 25 years. They have progressed from a monthly occurrence to now a daily occurrence. I used the first version headband with limited success. It will often break a headache, and has greatly reduced the number and intensity of the daily headaches. Although you can regulate the strength of the session, I have been using it full strength, hoping to get the most relief.

The discomfort is by far better than having a migraine. I got my Cefaly a week ago, and so far, I cannot tolerate it for more than 5 minutes. In fact, last night it triggered a migraine.

Should I keep trying to see if I can get used to it or am I just one of those people who cannot tolerate this particular kind of pain. Does Cefaly work for occipital back of head migraines?

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Most my chronic migraines are there. The Arnold kit Cefaly sells is meant for the back of head but not for occipital migraines. Hi nham, Thanks for you question. Unfortunately, we are unable to give medical advice online for your safety. However, we encourage you to pose this question to a migraine specialist who would be able to provide you with the best answer. In the meantime, I wanted to share our forum on Cefaly. My electrode has lasted for over 30 days so far and I use it every day. Hope this helps someone save a bit of money on needing to buy these very expensive electrodes. I have been using the Cefaly for several weeks no.

I have chronic daily migraine. I find that I fall asleep with it on and can waken hours later with my body in the same position! I have used it twice a day or in an attempt to interrupt onset. It does not seem to have changed the pattern of Migraine but it does provide a seemingly reliable way to stop and go to sleep. Since sleep wake cycle seems to be part of my problem , this unexpected response feels helpful. This is not a sleepiness exactly but an invitation to deep sleep. Whoops, I see I already posted something about this. New at blogging and also have brain issues.

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I decided I wanted this device rather than the US-available one. I was able to get it by trying various sellers until I found one that would accept orders to be shipped to the US. It was one of the sellers on amazon. Frustrating news for those of us who waited: Not even a week ago, I tried to buy the device, but was a little short on my PayPal credit. I tried again last night, because a payment I made to PPC finally went through — only to find that cefaly.

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I was in tears. I had to give in and take the last of my triptans overnight, and now have to cross my fingers that my inevitable subsequent headaches will be mild enough for me to work through, since my editors have long since lost patience with me. I am a first-time reader here. I see some have asked how to obtain the 3-setting Cefaly sold in Canada, Europe and Australia if living in the United States. I live in the US and was able to get one.

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I looked at several non-US websites and most did not take orders to be shipped to the US. I kept looking a various websites, and one of the vendors on amazon. The Cefaly logo was on the outside of the box but no prescription. I did not use a prescription although my headache doctor did write me one. I hope this helps somebody. I would like to try the Cefaly but the web site, http: Does anyone know where I can purchase the Cefaly in the United States? Now only comments up to May 22 are showing. How do I get back to the rest of the comments please?

I have used my headband for almost two months now. Treating everyday, sometimes two times a day. Unfortunately, I have had no relief from this headband either. I just got the three-model Cefaly through Amazon Canada, where it is still offered for sale. It came from a medical supply shop in Kuwait, and the instruction book is in English and Arabic.

Cefaly has a Middle East Facebook page and it seems that the device has been on sale there since I am a chronic migraine sufferer and have tried numberous preventatives with limited success. I purchased the European device approximately 2 months ago. I only use for abortive not preventative as I am concerned that could reduce the effectiveness over time however I can say that the abortive setting has been extremely effective for me.

So far I have seen no reduction in the effectiveness of this device. I have also noticed that I do not suffer my normal after effects of a migraine hangover the next day which can be nearly as bad as the migraine and I tend to feel more alert for a couple of days. I have also noticed that I do not tend to get a repeat migraine for up to a week following a cefaly session. I bought my device from cefaly via amazon. They could be a tougher group to treat than the general migraine population, so they may have less success with Cefaly than other people.

I have a metal plate in my forehead from surgery. I know a metal plate is probably contraindicated, but is that due to possible ineffectiveness or danger?

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You can contact the company directly at info cefaly. Your doctor could also probably give you some guidance. Check with your doctor to see if they recommend it. Which setting do you use the most? Want to share your story too? Please send an email to m.

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