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One Shot Deals One time assistance for rent arrears from public assistance to avoid eviction. What is a one shot deal for rent arrears?

How to get a one-shot deal from HRA

Read More. How do I apply for a one shot deal? Do I need to have a court case? What do I need to have for the application? How should I keep my application in order? What is a third party?

  • One Shot Deal Short Term Emergency Assistance | City of New York.
  • If you just can't afford the rent.
  • Local Rent Assistance Programs.
  • The official website of NYC.

What if I have gotten a one shot deal in the past? Will I have to pay back my one shot deal? How long will it take to receive a decision on my one shot deal application? What is it? What do you get? If you meet eligibility criteria, HRA will pay the rent arrears directly to your landlord.

Can’t Pay Rent in NYC? Here’s How to Get Help

How long do you get it The rental arrears grant is a single payment that you can apply for once per year. It is recommended that you contact HRA if you have back rent that you will not be able to pay off. Eligibility will be determined on a case by case basis.

Some of the general eligibility guidelines include: To find your local office, call or go to the HRA website.

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You will meet with a case worker who will review your documents and make a follow-up appointment with you. You will also have to meet with the Bureau of Eligibility Verification. HRA uses several factors to determine whether you will have to pay back the money. Those who do not have to pay HRA back include: Those who may have to pay back at least part of the payment: If you do not qualify for the One-Shot Deal, you may be able to have your rent arrears paid off by a charity.

Call early in the month, as these agencies run out of money later in the month. To apply for this benefit, you will need: The needed documents section lists all the forms and documents you can use to prove your household's income, resources, where you live, your social security number, your citizenship or immigration status, etc.

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Detres said. Her father had held a steady job for more than 25 years. She started working at 15 at a concession stand in a movie theater on Broadway. Over the years, she worked at many restaurants and shops. Detres entered a workfare program.

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By last April she had steady work, and her father had a job in the Parks Department. When Ms. The threats of eviction kept coming. They applied for one-time government rent loans but were denied. The one-time loan could not cover all the arrears, and the Detreses could not show how they would pay the balance. Detres continued to press their case, all the while learning more ways to seek help. You have to read books and ask questions. Never be afraid to ask questions.

One-Shot Deals

If you don't understand something, ask again and again. She contacted tenant advocate groups and sought free legal advice. She even took a friend who is attending law school to court to help understand the proceedings. In the end, Ms. Detres learned, the only way to solve the situation would be to pay the rent.

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With the hour notice looming, Mr. Detres took his belongings to his mother's apartment and his girlfriend's.

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Detres refused to budge. I kept positive all the time.